You know how they say you should work super hard and save money when you’re young so that when you’re older you don’t have to work so much so you can relax and travel? I say do it now! There’s something about being young and arriving in an unknown place with a foreign language and a different culture that allows you to grow in ways you never even imagined.

Traveling can be so humbling. Growing up in America in the millennial era, you are told you can do and be anything you want to be, to the point you sometimes feel invincible. When you arrive to this foreign place thinking you have it all figured out and realize that you’ve been doing it wrong all along, everything changes. Or maybe you had different expectations and can’t believe it isn’t all like the Pintrest or Instagram pictures The truth is, you can’t have expectations when you travel, you have to be open. Open to their way of life, to their traditions and values. I remember the first time I visited Italy my flight arrived at around 4pm and I was starving. After checking in to my hotel I went in search of something to eat. Much to my dismay all I could find were small cafe’s open because I didn’t realize it is very common for restaurants to close mid-day for family or rest time. Although I was frustrated at first, later I was able to appreciate how nice it must be for the families of business owners to have that time available to spend with them.

My point is, just get out and do it. Book the flight, take the trip, don’t wait on it, with or without travel buddies (just always be safe). Experience new cultures, go places you’ve never even heard of. Just remember to be open and I promise you’ll never want to stop exploring!

Happy Travels!



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