Miami in a Weekend

The full Miami experience in a weekend. Ambitious? Yes, but this group of 5 girlfriends was determined to make it happen for our best friend’s birthday! I’m a planner so having an itinerary guideline to help make the most out of our time was a must! We arrived Friday morning at 9:45am and had pre-arrangedContinue reading “Miami in a Weekend”

Trendy Authentic Mexican Food in ATX

As many of you who follow me on social media might know, I absolutely love good food. And you know what’s better than good food? Good food paired with a great experience. I’m all about the experience y’all! So whether you’re an Austin native or you’re visiting this beautiful city, below are my go-to’s whenContinue reading “Trendy Authentic Mexican Food in ATX”

Dear World, I Will Not Stop

An article from the Mini Doc X Written By: Rachelle C Davis with Video & Copy How one of Austin’s most promising bloggers balances the realities of life with her relentless drive “Everybody thinks sometimes that you live this perfect life and it’s not like that at all…everybody has their own struggles that they haveContinue reading “Dear World, I Will Not Stop”