You will notice that my life is kind of all over the place. Growing up in a family of six, we were always busy and it just became the norm for me. Throughout school, at home, work and socially I’ve maintained my plate full always. I like it that way. What I learned is that sometimes I was just filling up my plate to fill it, rather than filling it with a purpose. Therefore, these days you will still find me doing a little bit of everything, but with a little more purpose :).

Currently I have a full time job in the Golf industry, I have a mini poodle fur baby named Louie who keeps me busy, I am a cheerleader for a local ABA basketball team, I have the sweetest, most handsome Caribbean boyfriend, during my free time I go out salsa dancing with my friends, I was singing with a band and still occasionally jam, I attend Camp Gladiator to balance all the tacos I eat, I do some modeling here and there, I just recently leaped into this blogging thing, and I am currently working with The Look Agency to launch a new platform (stay tuned for more info soon) with a group of boss babes!

Sometimes people think I’m crazy with everything I have going on, but I’m used to crazy ;).