Visit Puerto Rico!

I landed yesterday in La Isla del Encanto (The enchanting island) and I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about it! This is my fourth time visiting this beautiful island and second time post Maria. This time it’s a little different because we came to my boyfriend’s aunt’s wedding so I didn’t overload our days with activities but I’m excited to experience such a magical day in such a magical place.

Upon arriving we were picked up Dad and dropped of at Luquillo Beach where we met up with friends. This is one of my favorite beaches not only because of its white sand and electric blue waters but because there is a row of over 30 restaurants right behind it! I had the best Mofongo in Kiosko #38 and you can find the best piรฑa coladas in Kiosko #7. So from having an amazing food selection and sandy beaches, Luquillo tops my list :).


We headed home where dad received us with a delicious bistec, arroz con salchicha and tostones! Can someone say Puerto Rico?! After our food comas we decided to relax at home and wait for mom to get home and catch up. Today we are headed to beautiful San Juan so stay tuned :)!



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