Braces in your 20’s


Back in high school I had visited an orthodontist with my siblings for a consultation. I kind of really wanted them because I thought they were cool but it turned out I didn’t need them then.

Now in my twenties I began to notice one of my front fangs was becoming more noticeably forward and although it wasn’t painful, it bothered me. When 2018 hit, I was like “new year new me” lol so cliché. I kept on thinking, “braces are so 2000 and they’re going to cause me so much pain”. I decided to schedul a consultation with Sonrisas Dental and they were so great at answering my questions that I decided to begin the process that same day!

What type of Braces?


The Sonrisas staff explained to me the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces. Invisalign is great for those who don’t want the braces to show at all, the downside is that the process takes longer and the patient is responsible for putting them on and off at home. Immediately I knew that wasn’t for me because I’ll either forget to put them back on or worse, I’ll loose them!

Ceramic Braces

Very much like your traditional metal braces except they are a clear color, therefore you can still feel them and you can see the metal wire running through the middle but from afar you can’t even tell! These are the ones I went with.

Life With Braces

If you’ve been debating whether or not you should get braces at least go in for a consultation. At my consultation they even told me approximately how long my procedure would last. All in all, aside from the initial discomfort, braces don’t stop you from living your life and I can’t wait to see the final results!



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